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1) Can I only join the Scheme after I have passed my probationary period?

You are automatically enrolled in the Scheme when you start employment. You will receive an auto-enrolment notice asking you to confirm that you want to stay in the Scheme.

2) Is being in the Sopra Steria GPP compulsory?

Everyone is enrolled automatically but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in. You can opt out if you want to leave the Scheme for any reason, although you will miss out on valuable contributions from Sopra Steria.

3) Are my contributions to the Scheme tax-free?

When you pay into the Sopra Steria GPP, you benefit from tax-relief on your contributions and your pension fund will not be subject to income tax or capital gains. There is a limit to the amount you can contribute tax-free but very few people reach this.

4) Is there a limit on the amount I can save for retirement?

You can save as much as you like but there is a limit on the amount you put in that will be free of tax.

5) What are my State benefits?

You can find more information about State Benefits by visiting www.gov.uk


6) Where can I get financial advice?

If you would like financial advice, you should speak to an independent financial adviser (IFA). You can find details of an IFA at www.unbiased.co.uk